Scenes From Factory Life


Multi-step paint, sand, paint, etc. are labor intensive and offer great value.

Multi-step painting and staining are labor intensive and offer great value from Asia.

Paint Lines v Booths

Most factories have paint and dry booths. A few have tow-lines.Picking which factory fits the order is the key.

Shop Floor Conference

A common site in Asia is the shop floor conference. They usually last about five minutes. They are very loud and everyone participates. Then as unexpectedly as it started, it ends and everyone is back at it !


By far, women make up the majority of any  sanding department. In fact, I have never seen a man in sanding. Here one of our management team jumps in to help out ;-)

Hand Work In Vietnam

Hand- crafted furniture skills are common in Vietnam. There is quite a bit of automation as well, but the traditional hand skills are highly valued.

Stone Fabrication

Blocks of stone from all over the world make their way to Southern China. Taking huge blocks and turning them into finely finished parts is very labor intensive. As a result, stone prices are very economical compared to what can be bought in North America.

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