Scenes From Asian Life

Old Shanghai

There are very few of the old buildings left that were built in the 20's - 50's. Most have given way to skyscrapers and huge apartment complexes.

Subway In Shanghai

The subway system is amazing. Clean, fast and on-time ! But, you are never alone ;-)

A Thing Of The Past

There are still a lot of bikes in China. But mostly driven by an older generation. Electric scooters are ubiquitous - silent and deadly !

Hong Kong Street Life

HK is always crowed and busy. Lots of hills and unbelievable views. When they say it is rainy season, they mean it !

The Street Market

Sure, there are plenty of grocery stores, but street food, cooked or ready to be cooked, is still a big part of every day life.

Logistics !!

It is amazing to witness the skill and balance that you see everyday from the trike and bikers. Seeing a family of four or five on an e-bike is common. Carrying cargo four-times the weight and size of a trike is mere child's play. But overconfidence can make it a long day !

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