About M.A.P.

Midland Avenue Partners Provides Peace of Mind With Asian Manufacturing

Midland Avenue Partners supplies retail and hospitality interiors, produced in Asia, and shipped to our fixture partners throughout North America and Europe. M.A.P  combines the best of east and west. Providing western oversight, management and processes to Asian factories, M.A.P. ensures quality fixtures, on-time. But most of all, we provide peace of mind.

We Are With You From The Start

We Are With You At The Finish

Why midland avenue partners?


Our team has comprehensive experience in both our industry and in Asia. Our shared heritage includes tenures in Operations, Quality Control, Project Management and Logistics.


We love what we do and who we work with. We plan, we execute and we problem solve. We want you to come away feeling like M.A.P. is absolutely committed to your business's success and part of your team in Asia.

In Country Solution

We live in Asia and are at the factories daily.  We know in real-time the status of your order. We provide quality fixtures, but more importantly, we provide peace of mind when dealing with Asia.

M.A.P. Value Proposition


M.A.P. connects Western Store Fixture Manufacturers with right-sized and low over-head Asian Factories. Our fees are very reasonable and actually cost less than if you staffed is Asia.


M.A.P. not only knows the industry, we know Asia. Our management  team lives in Asia and  our staff is bi-lingual. We understand the nuances of working in Asia in general and at the factories specifically.

Complete Service

M.A.P. is laser focused on service. We work side by side with your team every step of the process, from bid through final delivery, to ensure quality and on-time delivery. We are truly an extension of your company in Asia.

Working With m.a.p.


M.A.P. and your team pour over bids, drawings, finish samples, first articles and prototypes to be sure that we understand exactly what you want and when you need it.


We are in the factory daily checking production, dimensions, finishes and scheduling. We problem solve early so there are no delays or surprises.


We inspect finished goods, manage  pack out to insure it's safe from damage and coordinate loading so that everything you wanted is on the right container and ships on-time. 

our factories and capabilities


Solid Lumber, Veneer, Painted, HPL and Melamines


Stainless Steel, Powder Painted, Plated


Marble, Granite, Quartz

Typical Quality Control Processes

Verify Dimensions

Every part and critical dimension is checked against approved drawings 

Check Finishes

Finishes are approved prior to production and checked on each fixture while in production

Certify Structural Supports

Even the hidden parts are inspected to ensure that key structural elements are the correct gauge and are where they should be.

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If you want to know more about how M.A.P. can help you have have peace of mind with Asian manufacturing, reach out to us !

Midland Avenue Partners

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